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New Recordings

  The holidays have long since come and gone. Eagerly anticipated tropical getaways have been actualized.  After a brief dearth typical of a year’s end, the music resumes. Here...

Joel Shapira: In Essence (2017)

The guitar, and its distant kin, the piano, are self-contained orchestras. Few other instruments possess their range in dynamics and melodic potential. If you’re going to master either, it...
National Scene

Louis Hayes: Serenade For Horace (Blue Note)

  Blue Note Records has given a home to arguably the greatest recording artists in jazz for many decades. Like all major record labels, particularly those devoted to so-called...

The Bad Plus: “It’s Hard” (Okeh, 2016)

  If the arc of your career is perpetually, well, arced, is it possible to come full circle? Before you answer, consider this: Twin Cities-bred jazz trio, The Bad...

Metheny: Unity Sessions, Cuong Vu Trio

This  review is a “twofer.” Technically three, if you count the two discs in The Unity Sessions. Guitarist Pat Metheny seems to be an artist who has more hat...